The board

The board of Steward to Joseph consists of three members.

Chairman: Martin Moerland
Secretary & Treasurer: Arie van Ooijen
Board member: Marcel Klerks

Arie van Ooijen:
A brother with only one goal in mind, to serve the Lord God and obey Him. Spreading of the Gospel, particularly in Israel, but also in the Netherlands, he says, is very important and he wants to spent time for that. Arie is working as a chemist in Belgium with a company that produces preservatives. He married beginning of 2010 with his beloved and God-given wife, Ferdina. It is the love he found in His Saviour, the Lord Jesus, that makes him spreading the gospel to the people around him. Arie is very faithful to the work he can do and acts quite adequate. When he gets a task today, "it's been done yesterday". Already since his childhood he often went to the land of God. His love for the Lord Jesus and God's chosen people, Israel, he shows by all the talents and qualities that he has received, by proclaiming the good news everywhere or create the possibility that it can be heard and particularly in the land of Israel. Once the engine is running, then Arie will try to let it run on and on. (Thanks to the Lord Jesus!)

Four words that describe Arie: clarity, directness, acting and faithfulness.

Martin Moerland:
Married to Marja and as a family blessed with three children, (all are married) and now grandparents of 10 grandchildren. God's blessings are great. Martin by grace may say they are all children of the God of Israel in the knowledge to be saved in our Lord Jesus Christ. In June 2011 Martin was asked to participate in Steward to Joseph. After prayer, he said ‘yes’. Martin and his family have a warm heart for Israel and believe that Israel is the people of God as mentioned in the Bible. They believe it is a biblical command to pray for God's people and to encourage them. The way in which Steward to Joseph gives shape to encourage our brothers and sisters in Israel and to give them the love of God through His Word to show that the Lord Jesus has given His life for them on the cross of Calvary, but most importantly that He is risen, gives him a warm feeling and this is why he wants, but at this moment in his own words hesitantly, to contribute to the work of Steward to Joseph. Martin wholeheartedly wish you God's blessing. 

Four words that describe Martin: 'Tov', go-getter, moving and loving.

Marcel Klerks:
This young couple is currently living in Switzerland, with their two children. Both Marcel and Elisheva are children of the Most High and are happy in the Lord. Marcel lived in the Netherlands until 2008. In April 2008 after getting married to Elisheva, he left the Netherlands, as today they live together in the Alps. Marcel previously worked with the navy and the police, but a few years ago, he was called by the Lord as full-time evangelist. This is because he heard the voice of the Lord Jesus and obeyed. This young couple trusts 100% in the Lord God who is faithful to His promise. Both the promises to them, and His promises to Israel. Elisheva, born and raised in Switzerland, has a job in health care. She fully supports her husband in word, deed and prayer. Marcel goes to the streets almost daily, still today in Switzerland, proclaiming the salvation through the Lord Jesus for the world. The desire of both of them is to organize and lead major outreaches to Israel several times a year too. Those outreaches exist of groups of around 30 people at a time. As well, along with Johan and Linda Schep he leads a team called "Gods Grace Team". This is a team of 30 dedicated young men, which try to go to Evangelize in Israel six times a year in groups of 4 people together. Marcel usually is teamleader of the group 50% of the trips. Both want to exalt the Name of Jesus through their lives.

Four words that describe Marcel are: loyal, loving, clear, encouraging.

Bert-Jan Schuurman (former field worker):
Came to a living faith in His personal Savior the Lord Jesus and began a whole new life. He couldn’t keep this joy in his heart for himself and started to tell others of this certainty, this hope, this peace, this salvation, that every man is offered by the Lord Jesus. On this new road Bert-Jan grew in his faith and his relationship with his Savior and he also noticed a growing love for the Jewish people, God's chosen people, Israel. He took a step of faith and gave up his job in the belief and confidence that the Almighty Himself would provide him in everything. And so far the Lord proved His faithfulness to Bert-Jan over and over again. He has enough testimonies. Bert-Jan has attributes which makes him very unique. These features him as a man that God-called, to go out in the field of the Lord, to sow and to reap.

Four accent words that perfectly describe him are: enthusiastic, cheerful, compassionate, collaborative.

Sjoerd de Vries (former chairman):
Has a great love for Adonai, the Lord God, His Word, the Bible, the Lord Jesus, his Savior, the people of Israel and that he does not hide these facts for anyone. He is retired but still active in developing housing projects in the province of South Holland. He takes his chance in all existing moments to tell his co-workers about Jesus Christ, and hands out CDs with the latest sermons to people from whom he has been able to win their interest. He is assisted by his loving and caring wife Nannie. Both are very much willing to take part in the plans that the Almighty Creator has for His people Israel, and through them for the whole world. For this sake they give their time, strength and energy. When they express their prayers to our Heavenly Father in the name of Yeshua, then they bless the Jewish people and pray for the peace of Jerusalem, just as the Lord said in Psalm 122:6 "Pray for the peace of Jerusalem By doing this, they are demonstrating a comprehensive understanding of God's salvation plan. Because the divine happiness of Israel, will be a blessing for the world.

Four words that describe Sjoerd are: his knowledge, wisdom, decisive, motivating.

About us

Everything written below is said and done to bring all honor and glory to the Creator of heaven and earth: the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the God of Israel and our Lord Jesus Christ, the Saviour and Redeemer of the world, the Messiah of Israel: the people who are our oldest brother.

Steward to Joseph arose because of the love of God, HaShem (The Name), His Word and His promises. In the Bible, God's plan is clearly written for his first covenant people, Israel and also for the whole world. 2nd Peter 3:9 says that God does not want anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance. "Everyone" means both Jew and Gentile (a non-Jew). This message we can read through the entire Bible. The Lord God reveals in His inerrant Word, the Bible, His principles. In the Bible we can see His nature and His character. He is Love, longsuffering, merciful, good, righteous, holy and true.

When the Almighty offered His love to Abraham, later on to Isaac, and then to Jacob, he made with all three patriarchs a covenant. A covenant which He Himself said that would last forever. With Abraham: Genesis 17:7, with Isaac: Genesis 17:19, the psalmist writes in Chapter 105:8-10 "He remembers his covenant for ever, the word He commanded to a thousand generations, The covenant which He made with Abraham and made His oath to Isaac, which He has also said to Jacob for a statute, to Israel for an everlasting covenant. "The covenant still stands to this day today. Not because Israel is so faithful and so good. But because the Lord God has given His Word. And what God has promissed that He will also keep. Otherwise the word FOREVER loses its value.

The first covenant was destroyed by the disobedience of the Jewish people theirselves and therefore the Lord God promised a new covenant in Jeremiah 31:31. This covenant became a reality in the great work of Yeshua, our Lord Jesus. By His blood we are saved, as He was Gods offering Lamb, the suffering Messiah ben Joseph. And this great news we want not and SHOULD NOT keep away from His beoved Jewish people. If we are not telling the truth of the Creator of the universe, then we too will be held responsible for that. But we do share the good news because we love Israel. The love of Yeshua calls us.

Yearly reports

Onze doelstelling

"...zoals de huisknecht dienstbaar was bij het openbaar maken van Jozef aan zijn broers, zo wil 'Steward to Joseph' dienstbaar zijn in het openbaar maken van Jeshua aan Israël."